Classic and Black and White



I am crushing on this black and white peplum blouse from Tulips in Little Rock.

It gives such a feminine, timeless feel and it’s only $62! This adorable, unique boutique doesn’t sell online to keep your pieces exclusive (they only order a few of each item) but you can contact them at 501-614-7343 to grab this amazing piece or shop with them on IG @tulipsinlittlerock. Emily Brown is the owner and she is the best! She has such an amazing eye for fashion.  Boutiques are literally popping up on every corner and she has always remained unique!

Every season  certain colors are “on trend”, but black and white never seems to go anywhere! It’s a timeless and classic color combination that will never let you down! It works for daytime, work attire, evening, and it’s even my favorite color combo for workout clothes. Oh, and it looks great on everyone!!! So when in doubt, go black and white because it really is foolproof! Black and white swimsuits, dresses, shoes, accessories, you just can’t go wrong!

Black and white Peplum, Tulips in Little Rock, 501-614-7343 or @tulipsinlittlerock

Paige denim- Hazels Haven 479-242-4295 or @hazelshaven

Nude Pumps-Jessica Simpson

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