“Long wear Lipstick Review”




I am such a lipstick girl!! I started wearing a pale pink when I was in sixth grade and I literally have had it on EVERY DAY SINCE!  I never have naked lips! So I thought I would explore the world of long wear lipstick and see which ones really last  AND if they stay on all day, do they actually look decent?  I tried several of them and these are my personal thoughts and experiences.

Smashbox always on matte liquid lipstick– I purchased this in a GORGEOUS red color.  It has a unique shaped applicator which makes application super easy.  It goes on very smoothly and dries to a nice, matte finish.  This stayed put on me for 8-10 hours and only started to wear off on my inner lip area.  I didn’t experience any flaking or cracking. And it was easy to remove.  Overall, I really like this product!

Lipsense Long lasting liquid lip color-  I like that this lip color is highly pigmented.  I wear it often for pictures because it really does stay put!  It does tingle or slightly burn when you apply it, which surprised me a little bit the first time. I put it on early in the morning and applied the gloss a few times throughout the day so my lips didn’t feel dry.  The color was still there in the evening and actually still looked pretty good. It only started to wear off in the middle of my lips  a little bit.  In order to remove it, you need to purchase their remover otherwise it is super hard to get off.  And interestingly enough,  the “Caramel Apple” color I tried stay on longer and looked better longer than a red color I tried in the exact same product.  With the red color, I experienced more cracking and flaking.  Also, this lipstick will not transfer onto your cup or anyone you kiss 🙂  If you are interested in trying this long wear lipstick then you must purchase through a lipsense distributor.

Limelight by Alcone Enduring Lip color– I bought this in the most gorgeous pink color ever, “Wedding Cake”!  And unlike most long wear lipsticks, it actually feels creamy going on. And it goes on smoothly.  This stayed put for around 6-8 hours.  Of all of the ones I tried, this product felt the least drying which I love! My lips seem to get so dry this time of year.  And it was very easy to remove at the end of the day.  I just used a baby wipe and it came right off. I really like the feel of this product.  You get the long wear without the dryness.

Lip Lingerie– This is only $6.99 so for the price this is pretty good!  It does feel a little “tacky” going on in my opinion.  It stayed put through eating/drinking, but it is a little too dry for me.  I might try gloss over it next time!  But overall, not too bad for such a low price.

Maybelline Super Stay– I like how the “stain” part goes on, but wasn’t a fan of the chap stick like coat that you are supposed to put over it.  My lips felt super dry after a few hours and I experienced some cracking due to the dryness.  But the color really does last and it’s only 8.99!

What is your “go-to” lipstick?  I would love to hear your favorites!! Please leave comments and questions.  I hope this info is helpful if you are in the market for a long wear lipstick. I actually like to put on lipstick so I don’t mind the reapplication process!!





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