The Kid-Approved Gift Guide!


The only way to REALLY know what someone wants for Christmas is to ask them.  I sat my little people down at the computer and told them to pick out the best gifts for themselves and their friends.  I seriously can’t believe how many cool toys are out there these days.  I feel like there were Barbie dolls and Cabbage patch kids back in my day and that’s about it.  Seriously, the options are endless and I love that many of the gifts are hands on and crafty. One of my girls picked out a Gummy bear candy lab. I mean, how fun is that? And when I saw the make your own mermaid tail, I might have wondered if it came in adult sizes! For reference, my girls are 7 and 9.  They are as different as night and day, so I feel like I got a good variety!  Oh and btw, are my girls the only ones obsessed with slime?


And as far as this little guy is concerned, there is NO time for pictures these days.  He is more interested in his surroundings.  He pretty much pointed at everything and said he wanted it, but these are the things he got the most excited about. He is about to turn 3 so he’s all about trucks, tractors, and things that move!

I hope this gift guide will help you get some Christmas shopping done! Don’t wait until the last minute!  Get it done now, and you can relax later!


Happy Shopping and thanks for following along!



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