What to wear to a Spring Wedding with “Stylewe”

Wedding season is upon us!  The biggest question is always “What should I wear”?  I am teaming up with Stylewe to share some gorgeous dresses that will be perfect for your upcoming event.  I wanted to work with this company because their pieces are very unique and look very “couture”.  There are SO many choices too. There is something for everyone! Before we get to the beautiful dresses, let’s go over a few guidelines!

  1. Embrace the season!  When it’s a Spring/summer wedding go for bright colors and floral prints.  And the same for fall/winter go for richer hues and heavier fabrics like velvet.
  2. Consider the venue-  If it’s an outdoor wedding at a barn, then you don’t want to wear stilettos.  Think about where you’ll be and what you will be doing when choosing your outfit.
  3.  Don’t wear solid white- It’s fine to wear white as part of a print, but wearing solid white is the brides job!
  4. Consider the time of day- An afternoon wedding is usually semi-formal meaning short/knee length dresses or non formal maxi dresses.   An evening wedding is typically more formal meaning cocktail type dresses and suits for the guys.  If the dress code is notated as Black tie that means formal for the gals and suits and tuxes for the men.
  5. Avoid gaudy accessories-  too much bling at a wedding can come across as you “are trying to steal the show”.  Keep it tasteful and let the bride be the one to shine

Now with these rules in mind, let’s check out these fabulous dresses from Stylewe.


green dress 4.jpg

green dress 3.jpg

green dress 2.jpg

green dress 5.jpg

I chose this amazing green tiered beaded dress because this color is PERFECT for Spring.  And the beautiful bead detail makes it a perfect choice for a wedding.  This dress works for an afternoon wedding or an evening wedding ( non black-tie ) It’s just an overall classy look which is what I love for weddings. It’s a great price point and the fit is TTS.  When shopping on Stylewe it’s very easy to determine the correct sizing.  Just fill out your information on the size guide and it will recommend your size on each piece.  It was spot on for me!  This dress also has a bit of a vintage feel, as many of their pieces do, and I absolutely love that about their selection.  Their return policy is great and easy to work with as well!  I like pieces that are unique and don’t look like “everything else” and that is the case with Stylewe.

Here are my favorites and they are almost all under $100, but look way more expensive!



I hope these tips and outfit suggestions will make your quest for the perfect outfit easier!  I also love these dresses for showers, brunch, church, or date night!  What events are on your Spring calendar?  Let me know your thoughts and thanks so much for reading!



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