What I’m loving at Walmart!

Have you checked out the cuteness at Walmart lately??  They are really knocking it out of the park!  I never even glanced in the clothing department until a year ago, but then things started catching my eye.  It just keeps getting better too! I’ve also really been impressed with the quality and prices too!  Sizes go so quickly though, so I’ve learned you have to act fast!










I was supposed to be grabbing a few groceries for our lunch yesterday and this gorgeous striped midi dress caught my eye!! This color combo is gorgeous for Spring!  The quality and fit are excellent for the price of $22.  Time and Tru runs a little generous in my opinion.  I am wearing a size small and could have definitely gone down to XS, but with the self belt you have some wiggle room!  I love this dress for vacation or a summer picnic!    They are also rocking it in accessories, home, and the kids department.  I am rounding up my faves in those areas too!



















I hope you enjoyed these fun, Walmart finds! You really can’t beat the prices and most of these are available for 2 day shipping! Thanks so much for following along and Happy Monday!  What is your favorite department at Walmart!? Have a great week friends!




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