All about “Fashom”

I am excited to be sharing my experience with “Fashom”, a personal styling service.  This is the perfect solution for  busy moms on the go, or people that just don’t like to shop.  The first step is to download the “Fashom app” on your phone.  Then you fill in all of your sizing information.  They ask you lot’s of questions about your style, likes, and dislikes.  There are tons of outfit options and you “check” the ones that appeal to you. They really do try and get a sense of your style and what you are looking for. Something I really liked about the app is they ask you how much you want to spend for each type of item.  For instance, I like high quality denim and shoes, but am fine with inexpensive tops and jewelry.  So they know exactly what your price points are.  Lastly, you pick your stylist.  There are several options and I picked the stylist that I thought would capture my style the best.  Within 72 hours, you can go to the app and see the outfits that your stylist picked.  I love that you can actually SEE the options before they send them.  If you don’t care for one of the pieces, it won’t ship.  You add the items you like to your cart and those are the pieces that will ship.  You are not charged at this time only AFTER you receive the items and love them.    I received my box in 7-10 days and these are the results…………….




fashom 4

My favorite piece by far, is this cute off the shoulder palm printed dress.  This is so fun for summer and will come with me to the beach.  I really like the fabric and the print.  The nude, strappy sandals they sent are right up my alley too! This is my favorite style of shoe! So this outfit was a win!

fashhom 2

Outfit number 2 is a really pretty wrap dress. I love the color, print, and style.  I wish it were longer so I could wear it more places, but it will still work for a date night dress. I really feel like this dress is my style and is something I would pick out (but about 2 inches longer) I also really love the bell sleeves!

wrap 1.jpg


wrap 2.jpg

Outfit 3 is a striped top with embroidered white jeans, and a really pretty tweed purse.  This outfit has a lot of interest and different textures which  I like.  When I first saw the jeans, I thought they might be too “young” for me, but once I tried them on I liked them!

striped top.png

striped top 2.jpg

Overall, I really like the pieces they selected for me.  There is a good variety and they captured my style pretty well.  When your box arrives, you have 3 days to decide what to keep.  You simply go to the app and checkout to pay for what you love.  At checkout use my code, EmilyYoung15 for 15% off your purchase!

I highly recommend giving Fashom a try!  There is absolutely nothing to lose (except wasted time running around shopping with kids-ha!) because you only pay for what you really LOVE! It is so much nicer trying on at home, in your own mirror, with your own (non-flourescent) lighting, after your kids are in bed.   Please let me know if you have any questions about the service!  If you end up trying it, I would love to hear about it!




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